A Closer Look

Navigating the Future

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Remy Product Launch Centers Drive Technology Leadership
Every organization aspires to product leadership. Everyone’s goal is to be the best.
If we have learned one thing in our 120-year history it’s this: Take the time to analyze and define the path to your goal. For us, excellence starts at the very beginning and continues through customer collaboration and support.
Our core business is rotating electrics – starters, alternators, and electric and hybrid motors - thus we are a technology company. Remy Product Launch Centers are located around the world to be close to our customers, and dedicated to exploring new ways our products can help make vehicles more efficient, reliable, and environmentally responsible.
Advanced Research and Technology
Our flagship Product Launch Center (PLC) is in Anderson, Indiana, minutes from our corporate headquarters in Pendleton. The Remy Brothers started their business in Anderson in 1896. Charles Kettering founded the Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company (Delco) just a few hours away in Dayton, Ohio.
They wouldn’t recognize the facility, but we are certain they’d be proud. This unpretentious building in America’s heartland is one of the most advanced sample build and testing facilities in the world. More important, it’s a second home to some of the industry’s most respected engineers. The short drive between headquarters and PLC is the path to bringing their ideas to life.
The essence of this work is advanced electrification technologies. Remy is North America’s largest independent designer and manufacturer of electric traction motors for hybrid and electric vehicles, and a global leader in vehicle electrification technology. This work is on the leading edge of the transportation industry, such as 48-volt technology and it’s implementations, including Belted Alternator/Starter (BAS), Integrated Starter/Generator (ISG), and other advanced high-output technologies.

It’s About the Process…and Our Customers
New technologies and products are not created in a vacuum. They begin with identifying a customer or marketplace need. Often, this begins a collaborative process with a customer.
Our components are part of a sophisticated system, with many engineering disciplines interacting as one. We consider this fact throughout the process.
We establish our teams and partnerships, always looking downstream at the end use of our product. This stage of development is like capturing lightning in a bottle. Soon this brainstorming becomes ideas, which leads to a design direction. At this point, we begin the exciting process of invention and validation.
If You Build It…You Must Validate It
Our product launch and technology centers are designed to execute sophisticated sample builds and low-run production. Our initial designs are vetted by exacting software programs, with preliminary load tests conducted prior to sample build.
We then build the prototypes and begin validation testing, using both industry standard and proprietary test protocols. We find it exciting that many of our product designs are so new and capable of such groundbreaking specifications, that tests did not exist to measure them. We have responded to that dilemma by designing and commissioning the creation of new testing equipment to validate our prototype builds, and developing new testing processes.
The End Game
We are proud of the work we do at our global technical and product launch centers and delighted by the recognition awarded to our engineers. We work in an exciting industry, in an unprecedented time of discovery. It is gratifying to work with our customers to improve the driving experience and efficiency of vehicles around the world. It’s more than what we do. It’s how we do it. And who we are.