Remy is a leader in the electric motor market. Our superior engineering and design have resulted in motor solutions that provide higher output and better performance and are scalable for multiple applications. Consider our electric motors that today outperform Department of Energy power density benchmarks for 2020. This patented design and assembly technology has been in production since 2006, and is currently powering passenger vehicles. With more innovations in production, we’re setting the standard for greater performance and less dependence on fossil fuels—opening the road to increased hybrid use.
Engineering Powerhouse
Our engineering department has developed patented technologies behind the industry’s most efficient components. Now, we’re expanding your options with a scalable, dual platform off-the-shelf hybrid motor program. Our High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) and Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) platforms will lower current cost barriers and spur the adoption of hybrid technology in all vehicle types, from passenger cars and trucks to heavy duty applications. And our HVH platform boasts better continuous power than any other motor on the market.
Precision Manufacturing Techniques
Our global network of manufacturing facilities follows lean manufacturing processes that reduce waste and increase efficiency. Due to servicing the large automotive and wide range of industrial and truck customers in the world, we have the capacity to support your need—large or small. Our product design and manufacturing prowess keep us focused on continually improving our products—how they are produced and how they perform.
Testing Procedures/Quality Assurance
With the largest hybrid motor testing facility in North America, Remy has been instrumental in developing hybrid testing protocols for the industry. Our testing procedures and quality assurance processes meet and exceed the requirements of the largest international automobile manufacturers, with thousands of hours of validation and testing under extreme conditions. When you purchase Remy products, quality is guaranteed.
We’re laying the road map for tomorrow’s hybrid market. Our full portfolio of product options and capabilities – both those currently on the market and those in development – position you for the open road!  



Remy HVH250-090 Spec Sheet
Remy HVH250-115 Spec Sheet

Remy HVH410-075 Spec Sheet
Remy HVH410-150 Spec Sheet