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Fleets that run heavy and medium duty trucks often have light duty commercial vehicles in their lineup.  We designed a program with targeted Remy light duty starters and alternators that provides complete fleet coverage - one source. Learn more.


The Power of One

A global initiative to create a single-source, customer-driven supply channel for light, medium, and heavy-duty rotating electrics.  This initiative is known as The Power of One.

Delco Remy:  The Brand You Know & Trust

Delco Remy starters and alternators from Remy Inc. are the preferred choice for medium and heavy duty truck, bus and off highway applications worldwide.  We lead with product innovation and performance - you win with trusted, knowledgeable support.

Our alternator technology is second to none.  The enhanced efficiency ratings of our high output alternators provide fleets measurable fuel savings.  Delco Remy high output alternators feature a durable brushless design.  Brushless alternators have fewer moving parts.  Fewer moving parts mean less  wear on the alternator.  What you end up with is long life, not to mention the best warranty in the industry to back it.

Many of Delco Remy alternators are equipped with Remote Sense technology.  A second wire reads the actual voltage at the battery.  It then signals the alternator to boost output to compensate for voltage drop ensuring 14 volts at the battery.  Remote Sense can reduce battery charge time by as much as 50%.

Delco Remy starters are designed to crank even in the toughest applications.  Our Over Crank Protection (OCP) technology protects fleets from thermal damage.  OCP is a built-in circuit breaker that protects the starter from thermal damage and automatically resets at a safe operating temperature.  It protects the starter in adverse starting conditions, such as cold weather cranking, lower battery capacity, high-starting circuit resistance, or operator misuse.

Our patented internal magnetic solenoid switch (IMSS) enhances starter reliability.  It is a one-wire design integrated inside the solenoid.  Input current can be controlled by the ECM to protect from voltage spikes.  Because of its integration inside the solenoid, it is protected from corrosion caused by environmental factors and damage from vibration issues.

We work closely with the OEMs to provide the highest performing, premium quality product for new vehicles.  This translates into the same level of performance and quality with Delco Remy aftermarket starters and alternators, and the support to back it.