Remy's Commitment
Through the years, Remy has developed numerous patented technologies behind the industry’s most efficient components—strategically designed with fuel efficiency, waste reduction and environmental stewardship in mind. We’re engineering a future that’s serious about protecting the environment, and every facet of our business is proof positive of this. We have always been about fuel efficiency. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.
For more than 100 years, we have supplied the automotive industry with starters and alternators designed for fuel efficiency. Our locomotive division has long been on track toward waste reduction by remanufacturing parts, rather than replacing them with new ones. And as a company that’s setting the standard in hybrid technology, we’ve pledged to continue making groundbreaking contributions to hybrid power that will ultimately help us realize a green future. In whatever components we manufacture or remanufacture, our goal is the same: use the least amount of fuel to create the most amount of energy, whether for propulsion or export power.
At Remy, we take great pride in our fuel efficient components and technologies, and we’re even more proud of the people who stand behind them—our employees. That’s why we are equally committed to their protection while on the job. All Remy plants comply with stringent manufacturing and safety standards to ensure employees are able to perform their jobs safely, while making their own individual contributions to a greener world.
We are Remy. Taking care of our employees. Taking care of the environment. Taking care of business.