If you are looking for a full hybrid solution, Remy’s High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) technology leads the market today. Operating as an electric traction drive, a generator or an actuator, HVH maximizes fuel efficiency and offers class-leading torque and power density.
Available in several sizes each with different performance levels, HVH can be configured to integrate in your housing, or be supplied as a bolt-on to your application.
Double duty
The key to Remy's HVH performance is Remy’s winding technology. If you seek maximum torque, power and efficiency, select our IPM (interior permanent magnet) rotor configuration. For simpler controls and cost advantage, use HVH with Remy’s AC induction rotor package. HVH’s ability to maximize cooling vs performance in oil or glycol systems is unmatched.
Either way, enjoy the benefits of the HVH designs in your application: class-leading torque and power density, efficiency, with production and application experience.